This is where I’m supposed to writing something inspiring about writing but I’ve been too beaten down by years of disappointment from being both a Knicks and Mets fan to even try. So if you are reading this, I’ll just use this space to say I was right about the Melo signing being a mistake and that I’ve never recovered from Beltran not swinging on that pitch.  Also, John Starks will always be my idol. 

So Melo Wants to be Remembered as a Visionary? Let's Talk About That.

“How can I be known for being a visionary, for being truly great?” Carmelo Anthony asked one of his brand managers in this month’s ESPN Magazine profile of him. There’s a number of different ways to answer that question depending on which definition of “visionary” you subscribe to. I see that word thrown around a lot these days on the web and, unfortunately, I think it has lost some of its meaning. As for me, I like the straightforward definition my dictionary app gives: a person with original ideas about what the future could be like.

Is It Time to Give Patrick Ewing a Shot?

It may only be a few games into the season, but it seems as if Derek Fisher’s seat is already starting to get warm. He gets a pass for 2014-15, but there aren’t any draft picks waiting for the New York Knicks at the end of 2015-16. If Fisher continues to underwhelm as a head coach, it raises the question over how long the Knicks can continue to stick with him and which coaching candidates could possibly take over the reigns. Perhaps this is where Patrick Ewing’s highly publicized quest to beco

What Herb Williams Meant To Knicks Fans

There are certain moments in New York sports lore that everyone remembers where they were when it occurred. Iconic moments — Willis Reed’s Game 7 trot, Derek Jeter’s flip play, and Ali vs. Frazier are often cited as some. For me, I’ll never forget where I was on Monday April 21st, 2014: the moment I heard the news of Herb William’s dismissal. At my cubicle and in the middle of some standard bad office coffee, I nearly fell out of my seat when I read the tweets. “Effective immediately, Knicks co

The Knicks Aren’t Good Enough to Tank –

On the morning before the New York Knicks suffered their 37th loss of the season, when Carmelo Anthony was asked about the benefits of “tanking” he was quick to shoot down any notion of purposeful losing. As admirable as his rebuke sounded, it really wasn’t because a few hours later, it become obvious that tanking isn’t something this roster even has the skill to execute. With just 20 games left in the season and roughly two months away from the lottery of one of the deepest draft classes in ye

Victory is fleeting. Losing is forever. 

Billie Jean King

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